25 março 2010


Wanted to get out of routine, breathing fresh air,

Wanted to be more present with their friends,
I wanted to spend more time alone, and think more in life,
I wanted to see you smile, to feel happier,
Wanted to know what you like without at least make an effort,
I wish I could hear you talk about your life, you and the people,
Did you ever talk to me,
I wish you had not unafraid to speak his mind, which thinks and feels,
I would wake up and feel it by my sideI would wake up 
and listen or just know that you are also thinking of me,
I would not need to be away
I would not miss you, just know that it exists,
I would sometimes not know what he wanted,
I just want things to happen in the best way, even if it is not what
 I wanted most,Just know that things are as they should be,
 and not as we want to be.

(P.S.versão do texto de Aluizio Catão)

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